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HT Brand Sanitizers

  • HT - Spa Activator 2.2 lb.

    HT - Spa Activator 2.2 lb.

    Click Here for Alternative Product HT Spa Activator is an odorless shock that is the most favored product by hot tub owners whether they use chlorine or bromine. It is a powerful oxidizer formulated to be safe to use after each use of the hot tub...

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  • Spa Ease - Oxy Blast - 2.2

    Spa Ease - Oxy Blast Shock 2 lb.

    Spa Ease Oxy Blast Shock increases the oxygen content in your spa water, which creates clearer and cleaner hot tub water! Oxy Blast clears water contaminates and greatly increases overall water clarity. This product is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen,...