Leisure Time Chemicals

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    Leisure Time - Sodium Bromide

    30320 - Leisure Time - Sodium Bromide Leisure Time Sodium Bromide establishes an immediate bromide reserve in your spa.This is the active ingredient in Leisure Time Reserve.This product is for use with brominating tablets.When used with Leisure Time...

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    Leisure Time - Spa Up 2lbs

    Leisure Time Spa Up is a granular product that gently adjusts water pH and alkalinity upward. It is ideally used in larger spas and in commercial spas. Keeping your spa's pH balanced is an important part in maintaining proper water chemistry. Proper pH...

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    Leisure Time - Alkalinity Increaser 2lbs

    Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser is a critical product in maintaining proper pH control in your spa. It is comprised of a granular formula that effectively raises alkalinity levels which if left too low, might cause equipment corrosion. In addition to...

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    Leisure Time - Calcium Booster 32oz

    Leisure Time Calcium Booster raises water hardness level while preventing foaming and equipment corrosion. Using this product to maintain proper hardness levels will help extend the life of your spa and spa parts. Calcium Booster will optimize your total...

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    Leisure Time - Metal Gon 16oz

    Leisure Time Metal Gon is an easy to apply, concentrated formula that prevents iron and other metals from building up in your spa. Use with each refill to quickly neutralize metals in your spa and prevent unsightly stains. This product reacts with any...

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    Leisure Time - Foam Down 16oz

    Leisure Time Foam Down is a non-oily, concentrated foam suppressant. This product differs from other foam suppressants because it was specifically designed for use in hot water. It has an easy flip-top lid for accurate and direct application. It is...

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  • Leisure Time - Spa Algaecide 32oz

    Leisure Time - Spa Algaecide 32oz

    Leisure Time Spa Algaecide is an easy and effective way to rid your spa of all types of algae and slime in your tub, restoring your surfaces and water to their former beauty. Its non-foaming liquid formula can be added directly to your spa water, and is...

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    Leisure Time - Instant Cartridge Clean 16oz

    is a fast-acting spray and rinse formula that features a new color spray indicator for complete coverage. This product removes oil, grease, and calcium from filters in minutes. It is great for use when soaking filter overnight is not an option. Instant...

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    Leisure Time - Jet Clean 16oz

    Leisure Time Jet Clean keeps spa and tub plumbing clear of organic impurities, oils, dirt, and minerals. Using this product can prevent buildup that would restrict water flow and damage equipment. Jet Clean keeps your spas' inside plumbing clear as well...

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    Leisure Time - Citrabright 16oz

    Leisure Time Citrabright is a spray-and-wipe formula that cleans and degreases almost any surface, from spas and hot tubs to swimming pools, patio furniture, and more. This product features the natural cleaning power of citrus. It goes to work on the...

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